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What is the best method to create questions for checkbox Data type fields in flow? The "Yes/No" option isn't available in the cloud designer. Thanks

  • January 31, 2012
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Can the results of a flow be staged in an environment so that data can be verified before they are overwritten in an existing account or lead. I'm trying to not create a new lead everytime someone who has an exisiting account fills out our form, only when an actual new lead is being created.



  • January 17, 2012
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I've created some very elaborate flows with the cloud designer. Here is some feedback.


1) We should be able to disable/remove/hide the "previous" button at various points.

2) One of thet largest issues I'm running into with more elaborate flows is the clearing of screen input fields. Sometimes you need to loop through a screen, and it shouldn't retain the previously entered values for its inputs.

3) Text validation(regex, etc.) for screen input fields. Don't simply rely on object level validation.

4) not as critical as the above--but auto-layout in the desktop designer was a huge time saver for very large and elaborate flows. I realize this might be tricky to implement.


I did fill out the official survey in the cloud tool with these suggestions too.