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Rustic Pathways is a 29-year global leader in providing superior quality community service, adventure, language immersion, and life skills programs to high school students, teacher-led groups, and families worldwide. 


We have an opening for a Salesforce.com developer.  This is a flexible position that would accomodate either a relatively new SFDC dev or an individual with more experience.  Salary and training would reflect the difference in qualifications.


View posting:



Organization site:





We are a fast growing online media company with headquarters in Newcastle, NSW Australia.  Most of our customer base is national and are looking to take the business internationally over the coming 24 months.   We use salesforce.com enterprise edition  (for over 5 years) but not using it to full capacity. 


Looking for a salesforce expert (ideally based in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Central Coast etc, but Sydney OK) to come to our office and workshop us through our use of salesforce and to step us through increasingly our usage.


We are looking to run regular reports,  have customised dashboards and makes salesforce work better for us.


Our data accuracy is very good but we haven't had the time to learn the ins and outs of taking things from there.


Ideally we are looking for a consultant that can be a long term partner in terms of our salesforce usage with a view to developing a custom subscriber accessible database on force.com




we are looking for an experienced force.com developer to rebuild our current .net application in force.com

can be a full time job.  Start immediately.   Toronto, Canada

  • January 25, 2012
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Can you build a custom object with some Apex code?


Sure you can! And I will pay you to do it! ;)


Here's what I need - see if you're up for it:


There is an existing application in Salesforce called "Quotes" - It: 


  • - Allows a user to add products to an opportunity
  • - Creates "opportunity product" records
  • - Creates one or more linked "Quote" record(s) which can be synced to the opportunity (or not)
  • - Outputs a nifty PDF file of the quote
It's pretty cool, but only works with product records. I need you to write some code that does almost exactly the same thing - but with custom objects instead of product records.


You could either attempt to modify the existing Quotes code (as I don't use Quotes) or write some from scratch to emulate the functionality.


Does this makes sense and can you do it?


If so, please contact me through this system and let's work something out and I can supply more detail.





I am an experienced SalesForce Administrator who needs a developer to help implement potentially complex workflow configurations within our salesforce org.  This individual should have strong experience with apex coding/triggers and visualforce experience would be a plus.  


Please respond if this sounds like your area of expertise and we can get on a call to discuss our specific needs in more detail.









  • January 18, 2012
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