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Can anyone tell me please ,where the detail(body) of any Knowledge article is actually stored..??

i can't find it out in:






I have a need to be able to recreate the 'Save & Send Update' button functionality on the event screen in APex Code, can anyone help with a code snippet on how to do this please.

Basically I want to have an automated process that monthly creates an 'Event' and then sends out a Meeting invite to all the Invitees.  I particularly want the email functionality that has the 'Respond to This Request' button in the email.

Does anyone know what code is run when the 'Save & Send Update' button is pressed?

Thanks in advance.

  • January 21, 2014
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When pulling Knowledge sobjects from the API, is there a way to get a "working" image URL when the article has embedded images?

Right now, when I pull an article via the API, any embedded images in that article's rich text fields are referenced with relative URL's, like /servlet/rtaImage?eid=ka130000000MFK1&feoid=00N30000004XYzF&refid=0EM30000000fDZ5 . In order to get a working URL, I need the fully qualified path to that image. I "could" run a regex against the HTML content of the rich texts fields, append a Sites hostname to the image src URL, and then it'd work, but this presents a layer of complexity to the whole thing.

Is there a way to make images in rich text fields have a fully qualified URL out of the box?