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Is there a way to put a decision in that routes the flow to a different screen if no results are returned by the dynamic choice? I don't think there is because the dynamic choice is evaluated when you get to the screen that contains the dynamic choice field. You can't put a decision before it because it hasn't been evaluated yet and you can't put a decision after it because it would be too late to be useful. Any ideas on how to handle this situation?

Does anyone know how you reference the value that a user enters into the text box that displays when a choice with "Show Input on Selection" selected is selected by the user?


I'm designing some flows for which I'd like the finishLocation behavior to change depending on the path of the flow.  Depending what happens in the flow, I need users to end up at different pages when the flow is over.  Is there a way to do that without writing custom code?

  • February 13, 2012
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I've created a VF page to replace the standard case detail page that uses tabs to show related records from related objects (Assets, Service__c).  I would like to show the case team on it's own tab but I can't seem to get the relationship name.  Everything I try returns the dreaded "'XXXXXX' is not a valid child relationship name for entity Case".


My code is pretty simple:


		<apex:tab label="Team" name="TeamList" id="tabTeamList">
			<apex:relatedList subject="{!thisCase}" list="TeamMembers" />

 I used Eclipse schema browser to get to relationship name "TeamMembers", I also tried the child relationship "TeamTemplateRecords" but get the same error. 


I did search the forums and about the only suggestion was to ensure the related list is present on the standard detail page which I've done.


Does anyone know what relationship name to use?

  • August 04, 2011
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