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 I just wannna create a simple registration page like, using Visualforce  and Apex.And I don't want to utilize any of the standard functionality.

Is there any way that i could create a datamodel from the custom functionality?

And It is the only way after creating a custom object only we can have VisualForce page and Apex code associated with that custom object to insert records manually.


Let me clarify what are the key thing to do this...like pagereference and etc..




Thanks in advanc



I am new to this saleforce and I am in learning stage.While getting information in admin part i have gone through Siteforce.I have created some static webpages and some simple navigation thru pages.In this process i have seen panels and pageblocks etc.. with all drag &drop facility.


So here is  my doubt is, Can I give dynamic functionality to that web pages,what I have created and

how can I utilize them for my web application that will have DataBase transactions.


What are the main uses of Siteforce in  webapplication development.


Any help would b appreciated..



Thanks in advanc.

HI Everyone,

I have one object StockTransfer 


1,source location

2,destination location

3 quantity



my question is if the date value is today then the quantity is transfer from source location to  destination location.

After clicking save it is done perfectly but based on date it should be done.

If the date value is 2maro then it should be transfer the quantity 2maro

based on the date it should be done.

How can I achieve this an one can help me please.


  • March 03, 2012
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Does SFDC supports Multilingual?