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Hi everyone,

                       I am new to the mobile app development. I want to develop the android app to access the salesforce data.

So can anyone help me by giving the info about prerequisites for this...i mean like xcode etc.

Also please let me know can we install mobile sdk and develop apps on windows OS.




I have created a Queue to filter my criteria for group of users and objects. I would like to use SOQL query to use the Queue group for my searches. The only syntax I found is "SELECT column_name FROM table_name USING SCOPE filterScope_value" where filterScope_value could be "Queue", but just replace filterScope_value with Queue does not work. I need to provide the Queue id in this query to search for particular queue name or id. I can not find syntax for such query any where. Can someone please help me provide the soql query using scope for type Queue. 

Thanks in advance.
Want to write a trigger in such a way that when ever A new accoutn is getting created the Lookup filed on acccount with named "Parent Account" should filled withe the account name...along with that create the contact with the same name of account name.. i had written the code.. in which after inserting Account ,Contact is getting created.. but how to perform th logic.. that with the same name.. Parent Account should Populated...
trigger insertContact on Account (after Insert, after Update) 
 if(trigger.isInsert && trigger.IsAfter)
  List<Contact> lstCon = new List<Contact>();
  for(Account acc : trigger.New)
   Contact con = new Contact();
   con.LastName = acc.Name;
   con.AccountId = acc.id;   
  insert lstCon;