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In my Org,Territory codes are assigned to sales reps based on the region Zip codes .Lead assignment rule is written with rule criteria if Territory code XXX assign to User YYY.

 Whenever Lead is created through web or CSV file is imported we only have zip codes available. someone has to manually map these zip codes to Territory codes and then based on lead assignment rules it is assigned to appropriate Sales Rep.

the Zip codes will be around 40,000.

is it possible ,whenever lead is created through web ,the lead is assigned automatically to Sales Rep based on Zip code?




  • July 01, 2011
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I have a requirement where I need to send sample requests to Contact or Lead which is achieved with a 'Sample Request' custom object with look up relationship to 'Contact' as well as 'Lead'. There will a 'Sample Request' button in the Contact Page and also one on the Lead Page. When user clicks on Sample Request from Contact, I should show only Contact look up whereas when it comes from Lead, it should show only the Lead look up. I had to create 2 page layouts to accomplish this and assign unique record types  for the 'Sample Request' custom object.


I am wondering if this can be achieved similar to how 'Name' field works in 'Task' UI. In 'Task' standard object there is field called name which is of datatype ' Lookup(Contact,Lead)  ' This provides a UI which  contains  a dropdown with 'Lead' or 'Contact' values together with a text field and a lookup icon.


Doing some research I do not think this is a standard feature available.


If this can be done, I need only one page layout.


Any suggestions

  • March 16, 2010
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