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Is it possible to make a SOSL query to retrieve more than 200 records? How can I make a paging to retrieve the records in small batched using SOSL?


Thank you.




My Requirements is:


• Need to check if through Authenticated Website License, can we create and delete Content Workspaces from Apex and VF (or are there any API's for this).


Please make sure that Authenticate Website license is must.

Above is my requirement, can you please help me out for the above .Looking forward for a positive reply

Does anyone know why a returned page reference on an action would append these character %23_=_ to the end of the URL? 


Here's the redirect script that salesforce is running. What is the escapedHash it's screwing up the redirect and causing an exception. I can fix it by setting a bogus parameter in the page reference but that little gem still get's appended... why? 


var escapedHash = '';
var url = '/mypage';
if (window.location.hash) {
escapedHash = '%23' + window.location.hash.slice(1);
if (window.location.replace){
window.location.replace(url + escapedHash);
} else {;
window.location.href = url + escapedHash;


I get this if I don't pass a bogus parameter:



This fails hard, page doesn't exist


If I set a parameter I get this



The page loads fine but the last parameter would get messed up if it wasn't bogus.