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I need to Prevent duplicate lead on Email address and need to update count on Lead.(i.e. a duplicate lead comes 4 time then only first should be inserted and first lead reacord there are a custome field Name Duplicate Count it should be 4.


Means We need to update Lead when we throw the error from lead Trigger.


Thanks in advance. 

I am trying to share custom object and Attachment by Salesforce to salesforce. 
I am able to share Parent object but when i try to share Attachment then this error is occur. 




I am confirm the Connection is Active and accepted. when i try to do same think in seprately (First Create Parant object and sahre,Secend Time create Attachtment and shate ) then it works. but not work in a single instance.

can you please help me? 


Thanks in advance 


Field that records the Date/Time of the last received lead. Now  I want to compare  current date  with previous date of same field.


Could you please any one write coding for above.......