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Hi friends, im trying to make an PHP Webservice using NuSoap and everything its just fine when importing the WSDL, but when i create de Apex Page to call that code, there is no response.
Does anyone have a PHP NuSoap "HelloWorld" example and the Salesforce Apex code to call it?
Thank you very much.
My PHP Code:


// Pull in the NuSOAP code


// creat a new web server and configure wsdl


$server = new soap_server();

$server->configureWSDL('fooMethod', $ns, '', 'document');

$server->xml_encoding = "utf-8";

$server->soap_defencoding = "utf-8";


// server return literal xml

$server->methodreturnisliteralxml = true;


function fooMethod($name) {

$x="<fooMethodResponse>hello $name!</fooMethodResponse>";

return $x;



'fooMethod',// method name

array('name' => 'xsd:string'), // input parameters

array('result' => 'xsd:string'), // output parameters

$ns, // namespace

false, // soapaction

'document', // style

'literal', // use

'greating some body' // documentation );


// Use the request to (try to) invoke the service




  • March 28, 2012
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I've received the following eclipse error when creating a new Force.com Project:


Unable to fetch organization details

Force.com projects requrie a salesforce user with both 'Customize Application' and 'Modify All data' profile permissions.  Please change your credentials in project Properties > force.com


I'm receiving this on a full copy sandbox I've just refreshed and activated.  My profile is "System Administrator" so I already have the rights.  Also, I can connect just fine to the PROD org that I refreshed the sandbox from and the other sandboxes.


Does anyone have any insight?




Hello SForce Family Members,

I am Manoj Jain new member of sforce family.

I am facing one problem and i need your help.

I have added salesforce plugin successfully in eclipse,but when i am trying to create new force project its now allowing me to do the same.

Everytime i got same error invalid username password,security tocken or may be you are locked.

I have already resetted my security tocken thrice but no success.Currently i am using trial version of salesforce.

Please help me regarding this issue.


Thanks & Regards,

 Manoj Jain