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I want to show the task and corresponding leads for which the task is assigned in a page,how can i do this?



I am making a callout to external webservice and getting following exception.


System.CalloutException: Web service callout failed: Unable to parse callout response. Apex type not found for element ProposalInfoOut


I guess i am able to make callout and also getting response but salesforce not able to parse response.

Please help and tell me where is the problem or am i misiing something..?



 I just wannna create a simple registration page like, using Visualforce  and Apex.And I don't want to utilize any of the standard functionality.

Is there any way that i could create a datamodel from the custom functionality?

And It is the only way after creating a custom object only we can have VisualForce page and Apex code associated with that custom object to insert records manually.


Let me clarify what are the key thing to do this...like pagereference and etc..




Thanks in advanc

Hi everyone,


We're looking to implement a trigger that's based on certain criteria from Subscription object (custom): Zuora__SubscriptionProductCharge__c , updates will be made to Account object (standard). Here's the logic:


- if Product_SKU__c equals "A-100001" and Status__c equals "Active" (both under Subscription object) then Social_Media__c (checkbox field under Account equals "True")

- of course after the update, if Status_cc becomes "Inactive", Social_Media__c should become "False"

- please note there could be a few subscriptions with the same data


Could someone help come up with the code as well as test code?


I'm new to Apex code and since last month I'm trying to learn and find my way around it. So far, my knowledge is very limited.


I'd appreciate anyone's help!




I have lookup relation in lead,so how to call that field in soql query

I want to show the task and corresponding leads for which the task is assigned in a page,how can i do this?

Hi I am creating a xml class,this class will be made a xml file to endpoint,in that before how can check my xml file is sending with proper data and proper elements................