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I posted a similar question on the VisualForce board a few weeks ago without response, so I'm trying here.


I'm building a database on database.com that I want anyone to have Create and Read access to without registration, and Update and Delete with registration and apporopiate account ownership.  I've spent the last three months teaching myself APEX and VF, so when the database.com guys say, "The best part is, you can use anything you want to build the front end!", I want to use APEX and VF!


It's like when someone is "let go" from their job and says , "No you don't have to let me, I wasn't trying to go anyway.".


Can I use VF and APEX to build a database.com front end?  If not, would it be more efficient to learn more PHP rather than starting yet another language from scratch?  Is there a language that people feel strongly is vastly superior to PHP for database driven development and apps, perhaps including mobile somewhere down the road?


How does the Force.com IDE fit into this picture?


Thank you in advance.