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I have inputText component for accepting input.


If user not fills any value I want to display error message to right side of this field.


I made required = true but it displays error message on top of page.


Here is code,


<apex:inputText id="username" value="{!username}" styleClass="textSmall" required="true"/>


Could you please help me to get through this.





  • April 17, 2012
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I'm building out a visual force page that collects the attachments from a case, stores them temporarily in a transient list of attachment objects, and then bundles them into a zip file by passing them into a javascript method using merge syntax.


My question is that once I have the file created where is it stored? Is there a specific location that transient files are stored, if so what is it? I need to know where they're going before I can initiate the download...