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I'm struggling a little to find the necessary documentation to get started using the Authenticated Website profile & user licenses type.  How do I create new users?  Is the only way to do that is to create the user using Apex?  We don't need (or want) self-registeration in our use case -- we really want the bare minimum "user get username and password & is able to login..."


Ideally this is probably just a simple recipe and I'd be ready to go -- but I'm struggling figuring that out, even though I think it should be easy over all.





I am following the Warehouse app Tutorial.

I am at Tutorial #7.

Just finished down-loading the Force.com IDE but don't know how to create a project.

The instruction are saying to select FILe->New but under File the only options I am getting are: Exit, Open File and Convert Line delimiters to...


Help will be much appreciated!


New to SF