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Is there any method by which Self Servie Portal could be enabled automatically.


Please help me..

Hi all,


i am facing a problem. the problem is created a visualforce page with the name tempuse and in that page i am using a template named templatedemo. the template is having a tabpanel. so when i am including a Vf page quote1 in the quote tab of the template itz not showing the dependent picklist as dependent in Google Chromr as well as in Morzila. But itz showing in IE. why itz happening can anyone help me out of this problem..




The scenario is: When a customer submits a set of products for quote request, the back end person has to customize the selected products, with accessory and color, one by one.

So based on the selected products,accessories and color, I have to display the summary in Tree structure.

My progress till now: I have build a static treeview in a visualforce page using JQuery.

The requirement is: How can I diaplay the selected items in tree structure ?

Here we have to make a dynamically changing tree based on the items selected.

Looking forward to getting your suggestion at the earliest.



 I am having a Picklist with 3 options: None, Commercial and Rolloff.


If None is selected then the below two sections in VF page should be hidden.

If commercial/Roll Off is selected then the below 2 sections should be shown to the user to enter the data.


Anyone please help me doing this.


Appreciate your help.




  • September 04, 2010
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Hi there,

is it possible to automatically enable self-service portal for a contact? This could be done manually by clicking "enable self-service portal" standard button at the contact record. Could this be done automatically with an apex trigger?