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I'm using the Kingswaysoft SSIS integration to import and update records in Salesforce. One step imports Opportunities and links them to exisitng Accounts and Contacts (we have Person Accounts).

However, some records fail with the dreaded INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE error on ContactId. I can't work out why this happens, because many similar records in the same batch pass and are imported correctly with the Contact link.

I would appreciate some help identifying what the cause could be so I can fix it to always work for all reords.


Hi friends,


I need some information about the integration of Salesforce and SQL server using Sql Server Integration Services. If you have done it before in you rprojects. Could you please share the following information with me:-


1. Challenges faced

2. Complexity of the Integration

3. Sample Code

4. Level of Coding Required

5. New functionality you came acsross


If you could also share the details about your the project and the type of integration that will also be helpful.