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I'm the developer of Phone Amego which provides Mac CTI and am looking to integrate with Salesforce. At first glance, this would seem easy. I need to know when the user clicks on a phone number (Salesforce could open a "tel:" URL), and a way to ask salesforce to search for a contact based on received caller ID (could use an HTTP GET).


As I investigate using Open CTI, I don't see an easy way to do these basic things. Instead it appears I need to create an HTML + Javascript "softphone" (actually a web UI) which is hosted somewhere and have a salesforce administrator install a Call Center Definition File which includes a URL to my softphone. This softphone is then displayed in the users browser and expected to interact with the users phone system via Javascript.


Is there an easier way to integrate with existing phone tools?

Do I need a salesforce administrator to Install a "Call Center Definition File"?

How would an end user do this?


Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

  • September 12, 2013
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I am having no luck in finding a compatible CTI Adapter for Safari. Does anyone have a suggestion. I have packet8 on my Internet explorer Pc's, but we just go macbooks.