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We are trying to pass flow variables from the flow to the VF page where it is embedded. Ultimately those variables will be passed again to another VF page with an Iframed external URL (Docusign). 

1. Has anyone done anything like this before? 

2. We have our flows linked so the variable that we are looking to grab is in flow # 3, but the <interview:flow> name used for embedding is flow #1. Could that be part of the problem.




I'm fairly new to apex and I have this grand idea to dynamically move custom object records from one queue to another based on the record contact time zone.


My initial thought was to build an apex class for each scenario (i.e. at 5am only East Coast items are in the queue, 6am Eastern and Central etc.) and then use either cronKit or apex scheduler to run the classes.

Is this a good approach? Has anyone ever tried something like this?