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Hi there,


I have an interesting debug situation that I hope you folks had run into and know how to resolve it. I have a rather complex visualforce page and I have several system.debug statements in my controller. So when I first started working on the VF page, all my debug messages showed up - cool! but after about an hour of several iteration of changes, NONE of my debug message is logged. Please note that I have filters applied to only log apex code, I turned everything else off and I never reached the maximum file limit on these log files, it just stopped logging all together. The resolution, a rather painful resolution to this is to log out of the org, close the browser, then come back and start the whole process over.


It seems that I've reached some kind of logging limit that is not visible to me. Do you know what it is and how to reset it so that I don't have to log out and log in just to do development?


Thanks for your help!


  • September 13, 2012
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I have few questions:


Is it possible to display the reports and dashboards in the visualforce page? If yes, can anybody provide me with some refernce.


Is it possible to mail the Reports and dashboards?  If yes, then who can be the reciepients. Is it only the salesforce users present in the org. or can we provide any email address?


How can we show reports and dashboards in a section of an objects page layout or in the related lists of the object?