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Problem:  1) Cannot do cross-object workflow
                1a)  Cannot fire workflow off formula field.

So I need a trigger that will force an "edit/save" (that is, an update with no changes necessary) to opportunity products when a user populates a date field, SO_Opened__c,  on the opportunity.

Any help, be it code itself or links to get me further along would be great.



I'm wondering if there is an easier way to accomplish what I'm trying to do.   I have a date field, Date_signed__c, and a number field, Duration_in_months_c.  I am calculating a new date field that is basically Date_signed + Duration_in_months using the following formula:

DATE( YEAR( Date_Signed__c ) + ROUND(Duration_in_months__c / 12 ,0), MOD(MONTH( Date_Signed__c) + Duration_in_months__c,12) , DAY( Date_Signed__c) )



I noticed that if you just add a number to a date field it adds days, but I'm not sure of an easy way to add months.  Is there a simpler way that I am missing?




I have a formula field named Contract End Date and the value of this field should be calucated based on Contract Start Date and the Contract Duration. Contract Start Date is of type Date and Contract Duration is the number of months. Id I just add both the fields it considers Contract Duration as number of days instead of month. How do I achieve this?