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what is site.com & Force.com sites and their differences,
to develop website like online shopping which option is best andd why.
We r planning to create one website with our new domain name.....

can anyone guide me on this.... like...
to whom we have to contact
host charges
domain name registration
database chares
email facilities if any
yearly charges

And which is the best approach for the cost...

We want to add hundreds of images in visualforce page(like images in online shopping) and the user of the application should be upload/delete the image by himself dynamically?


Thanks in Advance,
Naga Kiran Kumar K

Planning for 201 Admin Certification - Need guidence from any one to start.....

How to code table overflow in Visual force.


Please provide me the details

How to attach and save the file from Visual Force?


Need Steps?


Thnx in advance

How to load Eclipse and integrate with Foce.com? I tried to Integrate Force.com plugin in Eclipse and I am facing some errors. Can any one tell me which version of Eclipse should be taken.(Please dont provide salesforce link for setting up eclipse, i tried with that) I need some clear instructions. Plzzzzzz Help me out on this.

What is the purpose of <facet> tag

What is Test.startTest() and Test.stopTest() methods?



What is the importance of these methods in test Class?


What will happen internally if these methods are used.

NAMESPACE means What?






Hi, I have seen variable 'Billing Address' in the standard Object 'Account', where he grouped some fields with a datatype of 'Address', Now I would like to see the fields details which are associated in this( I need to see the API Names of each field in the group ) Thanks in advance, Naga Kiran Kumar K.
Whats the difference between apex:outputLabel and apex:outputtext Both are looking for the same kind of purpose, whats the difference. Kiran.
1) What is a Developer Console? 2) And its Purpose?
What is the Maximum size of PDF(Renderedas=PDF) in Visual Force. Thanks in advance, Kiran.
Can any one explain what is 'ap1' in 'https://ap1.salesforce.com' Note: I am accessing from India. Thanks in advance, Kiran.
What is the Full form of APEX A - Means ?? P - Means ?? E - Means ?? X - Means ?? Is there any fullform or its a general english word
Hi, Actually I am maintaing employees in one object and my requirement is 'his resume needs to be uploaded individually' How can I achieve this.... Any help will be appreciated Thanks Kiran
HOW TO INTEGRATE THIRD PARTY SMS ALERT FEATURE IN FORCE.COM APPLICATION.... Plz explain me and also let me know who is giving this feature
What is the Full form of APEX A - Means ?? P - Means ?? E - Means ?? X - Means ?? Is there any fullform or its a general english word



I have created on Record Type(Ex: First Rec Type) and assigned to 'UserProfile1'. Now I have created another Record Type(Ex: Sec Rec Type) and assigned to 'UserProfile2'. And I saved the both. Now, after saving both the records types


 I would like to assign 'First Rec Type' to 'User Profile2' 



Any help will be appreciated


Thanks in Adv,


Chat Box in the bottom should have an option of removing it from the screen, is there any possibility

I have created one 'Picklist' type field in an OBJECT. And I added 3 values in it, and now I would like to add some more fields to that existing picklist, so i pressed EDIT before the PICKLIST field and its opened the page and its showing the heading as PICKLIST OPTIONS but its not giving anything under this heading. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kiran.
Hi, I need to eliminate duplicate records from the Record Name filed(data type is TEXT, I dont want to use 'Auto Number' datatype), in 'LOOKUP DIALOUGE' I am getting duplicate values, so, How to make 'RECORD NAME' field UNIQUE by using the data type 'TEXT' Any help will be greatly appreciated Kiran.
What's the real significance of 'STYLE OF TAB', if it is only useful for beautification, then why its make this as MANDATORY while creating the TAB? Is there any other purpose??



Can any one help me to create a VIEW by using Multiple Objects.

I am trying to contribute my ideas, and I have seen the link 'send us an email' option as below, when I press 'SEND US AN EMAIL' its opening Outlook, but I am not using out look. So, Is there any other way/ how to contribute my ideas     How Can You Contribute? Article Contributions Please send us an email with your idea.