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I was previously able to delete PermissionSetAssignment through the REST API. Now I am getting:


You can't assign or unassign this permission set because it's associated with a profile.


I would think that I was doing exactly that - deleting the assignment to dissociate the profile from the PermissionSet. Any pointers? 



yan at crowdcast dot com

I've been a Force.com developer for 7 years and I can't for the life of me figure this out!


The docs allude to what this post says directly: that to add a Remote Access Application to a Managed Package, you have to do so during creation of the managed package.


However I can find no way to do so.  In the flow of the managed package creation I see this when first making the package:



Hmm, nothing here.  Maybe after I save it?



Not here either.  No new button under Remote Access.  Maybe if I edit the package?


A few new options here, but nothing regarding a remote access.


So maybe if I kill the managed package and make a new Remote Access?



Not seeing anything here to add to a package, maybe after I save it?





So how exactly can I add this Remote Access Application to my package?  Does anybody know?  Thanks.


We have a specialized rollup class (GW_OppRollups) that is initiated from a trigger and batch. The class aggregates opportunity data either to a contact, linked through the primary contact role or an account listed on the opportunity. Since we're dealing with opportunity data aggregation, it's important for us to summarize the data by the fiscal year. To get the fiscal year, we must query the Organization object in the constructor of our class. 

The class lives in a managed package, and the code for that class can be found here:

The class if failing on line 107, with the query of the organization object with the error:
Apex script unhandled trigger exception by user/organization: 005A0000002DdCX/00DA0000000Ak04

GWBase.GW_OpportunityTriggerAfter: execution of AfterInsert

caused by: System.QueryException: sObject type 'Organization' is not supported.

Class.GWBase.GW_OppRollups.<init>: line 107, column 1
Trigger.GWBase.GW_OpportunityTriggerAfter: line 40, column 1 

The problem is that the class shouldn't be failing. The class, GW_OppRollups operates in system context, does not have With Sharing turned on, and therefore should be able to freely query the Organization object regardless of which user initiates the class call from a trigger. Do I have this wrong? Is there any other way to query the fiscal year start month?

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. I've filed a case with support


Salesforce Case #07274301