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In the data model when i insert name in name field  i should have to enter only characters i want to do no ride to enter numbers in the name field how to do that.

1. Asking the user to grant login access . 
2. enable debug logs for that user and ask him to replicate the issue 
Hi All ,

I am trying to update Discount on Opportunity Line Item , I am getting error saying that . Discount can't be updated when the line item is Scheduled

Does any one have any Idea/work around   on this

Thanks in Advance
Hi All ,

I am not sure what's wrong I did , map is not returning value in Test class , It is working fine when I execute normally 

Thanks in Advance 
Prasad VR
Hello ,

I have created one custom with onclick Execute Java Script , it is working fine 


var Opp = "{!Opportunity.Name}";

But if the Opportunity Name starts with Double quotation then It's not working

If Opportunity Name = "Opp Name with Quotation"   ----getting error
If Opportunity Name = Opp Name with out Quotation ----working

Can some one help on this !!!
Hello ,

I have a custom button to create new case with default values , It's working fine for all the values other than multi select pick list . Can someone give guide me on how to do this.

I have vf page and controller and I am constructing url in the controller

RecordType=012500000009WsP&retURL=https://cs4.salesforce.com/0065000000GOU0t&Multi Select Id =abc& Multi Select Id=xyz& Multi Select Id= xyz .

But It returing the url as 
RecordType=012500000009WsP&retURL=https://cs4.salesforce.com/0065000000GOU0t&Multi Select Id =abc

Only one value I am getting , others are not appearing .

Hi All ,

I have test class where I am providing all the required data when I run the test class , my soql query in class is fetching the data from database instead of test class 

How to avoid this ? and how to get my quey only test class data 

Hi All ,


 Is there any possibility to show some definition when mouse hovers over standard picklist filed values  

Hi All,


can any one give me some hints on how to do this 

I wanted to send emails on hourly basis like day1 at 1PM,5PM,3PM etc.. & again in day2 at 7AM ,10AM,12PM etc......


Thanks in Advance 

Hi All ,


can any one help me out , I wanted to delte duplcate records from the list see below example

// list1 it contains n number of rcords

class Type     Travel Type  checked
class1          green         4-------------this need to be added into list2
class1          green         3
class1          blue           2-------------this need to be added into list2
class1          blue           1
class2          red             5
class2          yellow        3
class2          yellow        4--------this need to be added into list2
----             -----       -----
----             -----       -----
up to n          up to n      up to n

if class name is same and mode of travel is same highest checked record need to be added into list


Hi All ,



  I have an requirement where I need to add more than 300 values into controlling/dependent field Any  idea an How to do this ?


Since there is an Limit on filed dependencies we can't add more than 300 values into controlling/Dependent field , I want to overcome this






Can any one tell me how to add user into a particular account team

Hi all ,


    I have created email service class and configured in saleforce it generated one domain when I forward mail to that one records were created , however I want to forward my gmail mails to salesforce specified mail so that records will create in slaeforce 


I tried to configure this in gmail settings , gmail sends one verification code to the saleforce specified mail , now I need to provide that code to configure settings 


My question is how do I get this email so I can access the verification code?

Hi ,


      Can any one provide me some sample example for Maps with Map<string,List<Id>> , exactly I am looking for Map which needs to be store all user names as a key and record ids related to that user as the values ?

Hi all ,



I have a scenario where I need to send email's to approver till the record approved , suppose if he reassign to anyone/send to next approver the current approver to be received email



I don't think so we can achieve this using approval process/Time Based work flows , May be we do with Batch Apex, Schedule Apex If yes? Can any one provide me some code snippet

Hi all,


       I have an requriment where i need to add subquery fields to some other method


Here I am quering Case and requests details this two having Parent to child relation ship

Private static List<Case> Getcaselist () {

List<Case> caselist = [SELECT Id, (select Id, sale_order__C,Sales_request Number__C from Requests__r )
                                          FROM Case limit 7];
         return Caselist;           



Now i need to add both case and requests details to this Method , but it doesn't understand relationship and it shows an error

Can anyone help me out

Private static List<string> getsome () {


List<String> returnList = new List<String>();
        String currentRecord = '';
        List<Case> caseList = GetCaseList() ;   
        for (Case c : caseList)
                returnList.Add(DoubleQuoteString  + c.Id+ '.txt' + DoubleQuoteString +
                                      DoubleQuoteString + c.CaseNumber + DoubleQuoteString + FieldSeparatorString +
                                      DoubleQuoteString + c.Requests__r.sales_order__C + DoubleQuoteString+

                                      DoubleQuoteString + c.Requests__r.sales_requestNumber__C + DoubleQuoteString) ; 




Hi All ,


         I am not awre how to use java script in visualforce , I have a requriment if the user provides some value in input text box and if he click on command button then i need an aleret , i am awre that how to call to java script function when user click on command button, but i am not awre how add condition in java script function if(opp!=null) then alert('WC');


however it's working fine.


  function check() {

  alert('Welccome ');



<apex:commandbutton value="DO" action={!submit} onclick="return check();"/>


If change my code to this. it's not working.



  function check() {


  alert('Welccome ');

} }


<apex:commandbutton value="DO" action={!submit} onclick="return check();"/>

<apex:inputtext value="{!opp}"/>


and one more thing. i have outputlink when i click on that it will redirects to new page.however if my selectlist value is null menas i don't want to call this method and i need a pop up says please select existing record. 




Hi All,


     I have two methods in controller . i want first results in to second method . I am not sure how to do this can any one help me out.

 My first Method

public void getresult() {

List<Expense__C> Exp = [select id
                            From Expense__C where status__C='Pending Approval'or status__C='Approved By Team Lead' or status__c='Approved By PM'];
    System.Debug('==============EXPENSE RECORDS LIST=========================='+exp.size());
     List<Id> ExpIds = new List<Id>();  here i am storing all ids in one list
            for (Expense__C Ex: Exp)
       getapprovalist(); }  }

second method

 Private void getapprovalist() {

List<processInstanceWorkItem> work = [select processInstance.id,ProcessInstance.TargetObjectId, createdDate, actor.name, actor.id                
                from ProcessInstanceWorkitem
                where actor.id = :userId and ProcessInstance.TargetObjectId IN:ExpIds];  here i want to use expids list 



here i am getting error as variable doesn't exit Expids.

Hi ,


      How to Display both query and subquery records in a single page block table.

Hi To All,


         I am trying to write parent to child relation ship qery between custom object and ProcessInstances and ProcessInstancesworkitems, then i need to display this all in pageblock table.


I am able to write query between custom object and ProcessInstances.it's fetching records fine.here i am unable show ProcessInstances details in page block table

<apex:page controller="approvallistclass" >
<apex:form >
<apex:pageBlock >
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!apprlst.}" var="v">

<apex:column value="{!v.TargetObjectId }" />   I am unable to show this two fields in VF Page
<apex:column value="{!v.Status}"/>
<apex:column value="{!v.IsDeleted}"/>


public with sharing class approvallistclass {

public list<position__C> apprlst {get;set;}
public approvallistclass() {
apprlst = new list<Position__C>();

 This is working fine

apprlst = [select id,name,(SELECT Id,IsDeleted,Status,TargetObjectId FROM ProcessInstances) from position__C where id='a0A9000000Cbu2p'];  }  }


This is not working 

apprlst = [select id,name,(SELECT Id,IsDeleted,Status,TargetObjectId FROM ProcessInstances),(SELECT ActorId,d,IsDeleted, FROM ProcessInstanceWorkitem) from position__C where id='a0A9000000Cbu2p']  

i am getting following error.


Didn't understand relationship 'ProcessInstanceWorkitem' in FROM part of query call. If you are attempting to use a custom relationship, be sure to append the '__r' after the custom relationship name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names. at line 9 column 13

I think it may be because there is no relation ship between Position__C and procesinstanceworkitem ,but id need procesinstanceworkitem ID 


Can Any give me any idea on this query then how to dispaly that all in VF Page.



HI ,


Can anyone help me out how to redirect user automatically into some other page ,when i click on redirect to account link.pageReference method will call and it will take me into account page , but i want to perform this action automatically.

Below is the my code.


<apex:commandLink value="Redirect to Account" style="color:blue; font-weight:bold;" action="{!RedirecttoAccount}"



public PageReference RedirecttoAccount() {
     PageReference Page = new ApexPages.StandardController(acc).view();
     Return Page; }



Can I make a formula field that grabs one record from a master-detail relationship, based on filter criteria?

Example: Account object has a list of team members (Users).  Can I make a formula field on the Account object, to show the team member whose role is Implementation Consultant?

If I can't do this with a formula field, is there a different way to do it?
I have a requirement where I need to display list of alerts sorted by last modified date. The problem here is there are 2 record types for Alerts and we are retreiving Alerts records for each record type in 2 different queries and ading them to the same list. Now we want to sort this final list by last modified date. I found that we can do this using a wrapper class that implemnts comparable but noticed that it returns the value not a list.

This is the code which is storing records into a list
public void alertUpdate()
        alertsList=new List<Community_Content__c>();
        updatesList=new List<Community_Content__c>();
     // retreiving Alerts of Event record type   
        for(Community_Content__c comm: [SELECT Id,Alert_Text__c,Alert_Status__c,RecordTypeId,Update_Text__c, Update_Title__c ,Update_Status__c,LastModifiedDate
                                                  FROM Community_Content__c     
                                                  where RecordTypeId=:rtEvent.Id  
                                                  and (Alert_Status__c != 'Inactive' or Update_Status__c!='Inactive')
                                                  and (Alert_Text__c != null or Update_Text__c!=null)
                                                  and Event__c=:EventId order by LastModifiedDate desc])
                                            if(comm.Alert_Status__c != 'Inactive' && comm.Alert_Status__c != null && comm.Alert_Text__c != null)
                                            alertsList.add(comm); // Adding alerts to a common list
                                            if(comm.Update_Status__c!= 'Inactive' && comm.Update_Status__c != null && comm.Update_Text__c!=null)
    // retreiving alerts of Partner record type
    for(Community_Content__c comm1: [SELECT Id,Alert_Text__c,Alert_Status__c,RecordTypeId,Update_Text__c, 
                                    Update_Title__c ,Update_Status__c,Event_Partner__r.Accounts__c,LastModifiedDate
                                    FROM Community_Content__c     
                                    where RecordTypeId=:rtPartnerAlert.Id  
                                    and (Alert_Status__c != 'Inactive' or Update_Status__c!='Inactive')
                                    and (Alert_Text__c != null or Update_Text__c!=null)
                                    and Event__c=:EventId
                                    and Event_Partner__r.Accounts__c=:accountid order by LastModifiedDate desc]) 
                                            if(comm1.Alert_Status__c != 'Inactive' && comm1.Alert_Status__c != null && comm1.Alert_Text__c != null)
                                            alertsList.add(comm1);  // Adding alerts to a common list
                                            if(comm1.Update_Status__c!='Inactive' && comm1.Update_Status__c!= null && comm1.Update_Text__c!=null)

Now I want to sort alertsList by Last Modified Date.

Any help is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

I am having a standard text field "Name" which is mandatory and i want to populate the value of another field called as "new request __c" which is an lookup to account object

Both the fields are on the same custom object called as "Account exceptions"

when i hit save , the value of "Name" field (Standard text field)  should be automatically populated with the values that i have entered in the "Newrequest" which is a lookup to account

Help me how to achieve this

Thanks in Advance

I have created the checkbox field Physician.I want to put the validation rule that if current value of this field is not equal to prior value then user with role "VP Finance" can  update this field.

i tried to design the below rule but it's incomplete.how can i check "current value of this field is not equal to prior value" in the below rule.

$UserRole.Name <> "VP Finance")

can anyone please help?


I am getting below error in test class for trigger on Case obj.

System.DmlException: Update failed. First exception on row 0; first error: MISSING_ARGUMENT, Id not specified in an update call: []

Trigger is working properly without any issues.
This Trigger adds Entitlement value on case based on related Service Contract.

Trigger :
trigger writeEntitlement on Case (after insert) {
   List<Case> caseInTrigger = [select id,Service_Contract__c,Case.EntitlementId from Case where id = :Trigger.NewMap.KeySet()];
   ID serviceContID;
   for(Case c : caseInTrigger)
         serviceContID = c.Service_Contract__c;
    ServiceContract sc = [select id,Entitlement__c from ServiceContract where id = :serviceContID];
    for(Case c : caseInTrigger)
        c.EntitlementId = sc.Entitlement__c;
    update caseInTrigger;

Test Class :

private class writeEntitlementTest {
    static testMethod void validatewriteEntitlement() {
       Case c = new Case();
       //insert c;
       ServiceContract sc = new ServiceContract();
       sc.id = '81090000000D1lK';
       sc.Entitlement__c = '55090000000D4pk';
  //     System.assertEquals(c.EntitlementId, sc.Entitlement__c);
       update c;

Thanks & Regards,
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Hi all I am getting this error "Formula Expression is required on the action attributes" while working with CMSForce2?

Please contact me if you have experience with setting up customized dashboards and reports.

Opening is at/with Bridgestone/Firestone-Credit First National Association:


Duties include but not limited to:



  • Perform basic administration of a multi-instance
  • Manage ongoing support requests and administrative needs of users
  • Develop reports, dashboards, and processes to continuously monitor data quality and integrity
  • Develop training plans, materials, and documentation for users, keep materials up-to-date, coordinate new user and ongoing training sessions
  • Maintain schedule for future releases/enhancements
  • Assist users with report design and management
  • Create and manage a change management process
  • Work with various functions and end users to identify, document, and communicate standard business processes
  • Work with management to identify new and creative opportunities to leverage Salesforce.com to support additional business processes and functions


Starting rate is $20 per hour. No nights or weekends.




The Salesforce.com Administrator will be responsible for the managing the day-to-day demands of the CRM system. This individual will work closely with business teams and other Salesforce.com Administrators to ensure there is a stable environment for all the users to work in. The Salesforce.com Administrator will be responsible for ensuring that any issues are resolved to completion, data quality is maintained, and best practices are communicated to the end users.

To Apply : http://alturl.com/ygy3k



Our client is looking for an experienced Salesforce.com Administrator to assist with a new phase of the implementation. This is in the Southeast



  • Salesforce.com Administrator Certification 
  • 2+ yrs of full time experience with SFDC administration and implementation 
  • Strong project management skills and communication / liaison experience with business and IT management


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage security, users, roles, profiles, groups, queues, sharing rules and other setup options 
  • Perform administration of Salesforce.com including configuration, workflows, custom objects and related lists 
  • Regularly perform database de-duping and cleanup procedures 
  • Manage and prioritize ongoing support requests and administrative needs of users 
  • Develop reports, dashboards, and processes to continuously monitor data quality and integrity 
  • Develop training plans, materials, and keep online content up-to-date, coordinate new user and ongoing training sessions 
  • Develop, prioritize and communicate a schedule for future database releases/enhancements 
  • Monitor user adoption rates and respond as needed (additional training sessions, communication, modifications, or other resources) to improve 
  • Assist users with report design and management 
  • Communicate and manage the change management (release) process using standard tools 
  • Work with various stakeholder teams to ensure Salesforce.com remains relevant and in line with business process changes 
  • Work with management to identify new and creative opportunities to leverage SFDC 
  • Keep up to data and recommend relevant SFDC applications 
  • Work with IT teams to integrate data and adopt latest BI initiatives 
  • Manage outsourced Salesforce.com implementation partners as required 
  • Manage ongoing relationship with Salesforce.com and the Salesforce.com Foundation


To learn more about this role - please contact Dimple - dimple@rune2e.com or on 678 533 4477


RunE2E is a leading provider of integrated IT consulting, workforce and technology solutions. We offer BI, CRM, HCM and Cloud consulting and contingent workforce services to give IT departments greater expertise and more resources. Our technology solutions from leading business software and cloud infrastructure partners help companies of all sizes harness data, increase revenue and enhance efficiency


Can any one tell me how to add user into a particular account team

Hi All,


I have a picklist and a text field.for a particular picklist value I don't want to allow the input(number also) in the text field and it has to show an error message.For the other values it has to allow the input in the text field. 


I have written the following code for this 


if(objqirs.Alert_Type__c == 'NPI Launch Impact' && objqirs.Last_Approved_Program_Milestone__c == null){
NPIError = true;
return null;



this restricts only the text values.Please help me to restrict the numbers also in Last_Approved_Program_Milestone__c field.


If I give number in that field, my validation will not work and the record will be saved.this should not happen.




1. The Created Date can be updated for a record via the API as long as the Inserting System Fields feature is turned on.
A. True
B. False




          Here my requriment is i want to display records based on pick list values, it means if i select all accounts means i want to display all accounts, suppose if i select my accounts means i want to display that accounts only how can we achive this using Apex..........



Hi All,


I have a requirement to make few Fields mandatory in the intermediatory Convert Layout of the Lead tab. I was searching for a solution as to how to modify the code for "Convert" functionality. Please help me on this by providing any code snippets as to how to begin the coding.


My Queries are:


1.) Can a Trigger be written on the Convert button and be addressed as  "Before convert" some thing like that.


2.) Please throw light on how to design a custom button , which on click performs the exact functionality as Convert Lead.


3.) Please provide information about "ConvertLead" function. I happened to see this kind of discussion on the boards, Hope i am right with that.. Please provide me with a snippet as to how to customise that functionality.


4.) How do i append any custom field information filled while conversion (a mandatory field while converting) to the opportunity name,like  "Opportunity name : opportunity-myfield name".


Please help me with this , help is urgently needed.