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I have encountered with a typical issue in one of a visualforce page. This page is working fine in dev org and staging org. We have released a managed package from the staging org and after installing the package in a trial org, VF page is not working and throwing error :



“SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field navmnaI__Deal__c.navmnaI__Account__r”.


This VF page was working fine till the last release but stopped working now. I have contacted salesforce support (Case # 08055862) on 24/08 but not heard anything from them yet.


Please let me know, if somebody has faced the similiar problem and any workaround to solve this issue.

I am developing a mobile application using Jquery Mobile. When there is no loader, the app is working fine. But after adding loader in the app, when I change from page 1 to page 2, first it changes from page 1 to page 2, again it comes back to page 1 and then changes to page 2 and finally, load all the contents in the page 2.

When there is no loader, when I change from page 1 to page 2, it changes from page 1 to page 2 and loads the page 2 contents instantly. Why it is not working like same when I add to loader to it. Code for loader I am using is 



                 background:url('img/loader.gif') no-repeat;

 Help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

dom.XmlNode tempNode = hdr.addChildElement('Company Name', null, null);

tempNode.addTextNode('ABC & XYZ ');

tempNode = hdr.addChildElement('Company Address', null, null);

tempNode.addTextNode('ABC & XYZ, <former 123ABC> ');


The xml created by this gives incorrect output with &amp; &lt; etc


i cannot include characters like & and < in DOM.Document's dom.XmlNode


Avoiding XMLStreamWriter, as it easily reaches heap limit.

As an ISV, say you introduce references to Person Account fields in your Apex code in a managed package.


Does this imply that any customer wishing to install your package needs to enable Person Accounts??  If so, what are the best practices or workarounds for this?  Obviously we cannot assume that all potential customers will want to enable Person Accounts in their orgs...





  • June 17, 2010
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Is there any way to support person accounts in a managed package without making Person Account features a pre-requisite for installing the package?


I'd like to provide the option to create person-account instead of contacts in an Apex class that auto creates contacts after a certain event for those users  who have person-accounts enabled.   However, I don't want to have to require package users to install person-accounts.



We are creating a PDF document using Visual Force Page and the document has a logo ( a png or gif image file on header). Currently the image file is a static resource and using merge field the VF page is able to display it correctly. When we do the packaging the resource is also packaged and is getting installed without any issues.


Now we want to change the logo at the installed org , as the logo was bundled as static resource it cannot be modified so, we are trying to place the image in a document folder and refer it  in VF page but the image is not displaying correctly .  We have tried using  url for the image but it is not working . Your help or a working example  will be appreciated in resolving this issue.

 <apex:image value="{!$Resource.gii__logo}"/>

We are trying to package the application as managed beta. The static resources gets locked in the target org.

So we are not able to change the logo.

Is there any way we can use a logo file from the document folder in

We already tried using the URL <apex:image url="/document/image/logo.jpg"/>.  But it does not work..

Is there any way to get the URL for the documents within the org itself.

**This is very urgent, **  Your help is much appreciated

  • September 05, 2008
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