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I wonder if anybody know how to configure my Trapdoor OSX to login into partner portal and appexchange orgs? 







Being new to Salesforce and first time on the site, I have just been given my first project of migrating from Netsuite to Salesforce. Any tips and advice to help me on my way would be gratefully received.



  • July 30, 2012
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Hi all,


Does anyone know how to or know where there's any documentation that will show me how to import data from another system to salesforce? I need to keep the links between tables as the data im importing is from a relational data base. I read something about external id but i dont want to reference another database i just want to get the data into salesforce and then use in there.




If I need to make a data migration from MS CRM 4.0 into Salesforce's database.

What solution do I need to do it?

One solution is to add data from MS CRM into notepad and then import it into SF.

Is there another solution for doing it?

Is it possible to use sql code to make a transaction from source to the target?

Does the REST API support Client ID that would allow access to Group and Professional Edition? If so, how do I make calls with it? I didn't see it referenced in the REST API reference documentation.