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Hi, I am having trouble with the "Attributes and Expressions" module from trailhead.

Here is the challenge:
Create a Lightning Component to display a single item for your packing list.
  • Create a component called campingListItem that displays the name (ui:outputText) and the three custom fields using the appropriate output components.
  • Add an attribute named 'item' for type Camping_Item__c.
I created an component named campingListItem and this is the code:
<aura:component >
    <aura:attribute name="item" type="<my_domain>__Camping_Item__c"/>
    <ui:outputText value="{!v.item.Name}"/>
    <ui:outputCheckbox value="{!v.item.<my_domain>__Packed__c}"/>
    <ui:outputCurrency  value="{!v.item.<my_domain>__Price__c}"/>
    <ui:outputNumber value="{!v.item.<my_domain>__Quantity__c}"/>

The error that I am getting is: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The packingListItem Lightning Component's attribute tag doesn't exist or its attributes are not set correctly."

With this, I tried to create another component, with the name "packingListItem", but It didn't work.

Can anyone help me?


We recently created one record type and page layout for case object. Upon case creation we wanted to fire Active assignment rules and by selecting the "Assign using active assignment rules" optional check box we are able to acheive it. Case is getting created successfully and assgned to Queue. 

But upon case EDIT also Assignment Rules are firing since we have selected 'Default' ceckbox for Assignment Rules on page layout level. That's the reason why AR are firing. We don't want AR firing upon case edit? What actions do I need to take to prevent this?

Any suggestions plz..

  • February 25, 2016
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I am getting the error as'SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: UNVERIFIED_SENDER_ADDRESS, Organization-Wide Email Address has not be verified for use' from the test class. 

I have given the verified Organization-Wide Email Addresses to fromaddress field. Still i am facing the issue. Please let me know how can i solve the issue,


Tried the following in "Execute anonymous":


Messaging.SingleEmailMessage	mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
mail.setSenderDisplayName('Sender Name');
mail.setToaddresses(new List<String>{'recipient@gmail.com'});
Messaging.sendEmail(new List<Messaging.Email>{mail});


The email is received successfuly by when I "hit" reply it show s the email address of the "Admin" user that I executed the above code with. Should it not be "someemail@gmail.com"?




 am trying to send the mass email to contacts.I am getting the error as  below.Am doing this in a DE org.


System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION, Single email is not enabled for your organization or profile. Single email must be enabled for you to use this feature.



My coding as  below


 private final List<Id> contactids;
  public List<Contact> con;
  public testemail(ApexPages.StandardController controller)
     con = [select Id from Contact limit 5];    
     contactids=new  List<Id>();     
     for(Integer i=0;i<con.size();i++)

  public void SendEmail()
      Messaging.MassEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.MassEmailMessage();
      Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.MassEmailMessage[] { mail });



  Can anybody tell me how to enable single email/mass email?


  Thanks  for any help



  • January 18, 2010
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