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I have one question..current company which i am working for is having dotnet implementation we need to migrate from Dotnet to salesforce

My Requirement is  i need to display open leads for an Account.

For Example

I have Exon as a Account .

Exon Atlanta ,Exon Dallas as the Leads  but base account as EXON

i need to show  Exon Atlanta and Exon dallas as the Leads for EXON.

How do i achieve it .Do i need to  Enable Business Account for it  ?Any other solutions will be appreciated




We have a requirement to be able to call an external Web Service. However, that webservice uses WS-Security. Currently, SalesForce does not support WS-Security by apex. But I have read somewhere that there might be a work around to add the security header information on to the WSDL document?


If there are sample codes out there on how to do it that would be really helpful! Thanks


I have a Web Service that is expecting it as a part of SOAP header. How do I send it?












<actual callout method here>



The only documentation I see is for inputHttpHeaders_x which can send http header and can send username password as part of 'Authorization' Header.






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