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Trapdoor is awesome but I do have some things that I wish I could control or fix.


1.) Duplicate URL.

I entered a URL into my list of servers as http://www.salesforce.com/login and then again as http://www.salesforce.com/login/

Trapdoor lists these as 2 distinct servers but if I delete one in order to correct it, Trapdoor deletes the other server in the list too.

I wish I could manually edit the list of servers and login details so that I could correct my typo.


2.) Sorting

I see that there is a "sort by alias" option but I don't see this working as expected.

If I had access to the list of servers ( see 1 above ) I would be happy to manually edit and order my servers.


Thanks !!



Can anybody tell me why since API version 18 standardstylesheets="true" just behaves as if set to 'false' when the VF page is rendered as PDF ?  Worked well before. Is there any special action to take on VF pages when updating to version 18 and on ?


I need to update to the latest version to use rich text fields. PDF generation is critical but now with version 18, 19 or 20 it renders as if no style were defined at all even with standardstylesheets="true".