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A user has Read only Access to the account, will he be able to attach the File in the Attachment related list on a record?



In my application I have an object namely "Position".


In Position object I have a field called Description. This is a text are field.


Hereafter I want this description field as Checkbox.


If I change the datatype of Description field to Checkbox, data in this field for already created records will be lost.


So I have created a new field as Description1 using Checkbox datatype.


Now my requirement is,


For existing Position records - display the Description field if it has any value and hide Description1. If it doesn't have any value hide Descrption and show Description1. 


For new Position records - only display the Description1 field.


Position page is standard page not a visualforce page. So I want to do this without using visualforce page.





A user has Read only Access to the account, will he be able to attach the File in the Attachment related list on a record?



is it true or false that when I delete a parent record, the child records are not deleted? I always thought, that the child records are deleted in a master-detail relationship.




I ask because of the question of the bottom.

I want migrate the data and files of chatter from one org to another org. In wahich way thie can be achieved?

Hi Folks,


i like to know if it is possible to change pages in the Page Layout Assignment not only page by page. Setup => Cases => Record Types => Page Layout Assignment




Thanking you in anticipation





I have a requirement like I want to enter some date value to a date field only when the check box is selected.


That date field should be non-editable or invisible if the check box is not selected. 


I know this will be done through VF pages. But I need to be done this scenario without using VF pages and apex classes. 


Can anyone please help on this?





Hi all, I'm trying to include the value from a checkbox in a VF email template, and I'm having no luck. My org has a large list of Products, and some of those Products are discountable, and some aren't. I have a custom field on the Product object to capture this (Discountable__c). I've also created an Opportunity Product field also called Discountable__c that has the following formula:



I want to display this value (True or False) in a VF email template, but nothing is displaying. Here's what I have in the VF template (it's in a table with other product information):




where "!opp" equals Opportunity.OpportunityLineItems (this !opp variable works with other fields so that isn't the issue).


What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

I may have done things out of order, but I am stuck at trying to figure out how to make the participants status dependent upon several other fields that must be satisfied before they can be eligible i.e.. Age, proof of residency, employment status, etc.

Is it possible to save the details of a record in a dynamically generated sobject?

Hi Guys,


I have a custom object "OppService__c" in which I have a lookup field some set of values.


I have written a trigger which will work when the look up field is selected with a value starting with "RSN" Id of the particular OppService__c record should be sent to my apexclass.


My trigger is working fine for insert feature and returning the id to the class.


but for update function,  i want to get its Old value to compare so as to if the old value of the field is also starting with RSN the id of the record should not be passed to the class...........



The Name field in the OddService__C object being the related field from another object, only null value is returned if

I use like this:




Please suggest is there any other way to get the old value of the related object field in the Update trigger.

I'm trying to deploy a new custom object + and Apex Class + Test Class and a couple triggers. When I run my tests on my sandbox, it tests fine.


When I try to deploy it, it fails and says I have too many SOQL statements and throws the error on an unrelated trigger that should never get fired in my tests.


How can  I figure out where other stuff is being fired besides my test class?

Hi All,


Is it possible to trigger an email every 1 hr after a case is created with Status = 'New' until its status is modified?.



Its a bit urgent.

  • August 24, 2012
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Hi All,

This is regarding the force.com dev 401 certification

Do we get questions related to Opportunity, Lead, Accounts, Cases (CRM objjects) for this exam


  • May 01, 2012
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