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i would like to startup with full implementation of a project, i choose to fallow the book Force.Com Developers Guide.

After Finishing 2-3 chapters it has given that all the related data was in .csv files in codeshare, its stopping me to go through the next chapters. I full searched for the Code Share for that book. but not able to find that. Can any body help me to find the data/code related to that application.. It is very usefull as will cover all the topics of force.com.


Please help me..  

Can any body explain or give some insight into how to restrict access to sensitive data such as SSN,CreditCard info..etc

wat exactly an admin does in a company. I knw the tasks: "customization, security nd access, workflow rules, data validation etc..."   Below r my questions:

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Scenario: A small size company(say a construction company) with 50 users.

#1) how many admins required/ wat wil be the approx. team size ?     # 2) does 1 specific admin need to takecare of  ALL the tasks or will be focused on subset of tasks?       #3) Admin need to give/work 24/7 support?     #4) In general, an Admin reports to a Team leader/Sales director?       #5) Does Admin need to seek permission from anyone if he wants to install an application from Appexchange?


Kindly clarify my doubts nd educate me ..Thanks in advance

  • February 05, 2012
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