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We are creating a small VF page that will be placed above the Account detail section, this will display specific data from a single related list, and have come up against some challenges:


Challenge 1)  limit to the number of rows displayed, they only want to see a set number of records - "show Up To 5"  
These would be the most recent.


Challenge 2)  Users do not want to scroll, so can we dynamically set the height of the VF page so that users don't see unnecessary white space?


For example- when there are 4 records in the related list show all 4 rows, and when there is only 1 record than only show 1 row without the wasted space beneath it  


The developer is unsure how to accomplish this.  Can it be done? IF so, any examples?

I am using a static resource which is our company's logo in a visualforce email.  I get the image to show up when previewing from the app but not when the email is delivered.  I noticed another post that indicates you may need to construct the url for the image in a different way (like in a controller class).  Any ideas?


<apex:image value="{!URLFOR($Resource.ZayoLogo)}"/>



  • December 14, 2009
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