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I am using this formula field to map the value of picklist from Account to Lead. Formula is saved, however value is not coming. Please help


IF( INCLUDES( Account__r.HAS_Account_Vertical__c , "LV-D"), "LV-D; ","")+

IF( INCLUDES(Account__r.HAS_Account_Vertical__c , "LV-G"), "LV-G; ", "")+
IF( INCLUDES(Account__r.HAS_Account_Vertical__c , "On-Hwy"), "On-Hwy; ", "")+

IF( INCLUDES(Account__r.HAS_Account_Vertical__c , "Off-Hwy"), "Off-Hwy; ", "")






          Here my requriment is i want to display records based on pick list values, it means if i select all accounts means i want to display all accounts, suppose if i select my accounts means i want to display that accounts only how can we achive this using Apex..........

I am new to salesforce.I have create custom picklist field:"stage" on Event object and requirment is that when user update the event in activity related list on opportuntiy object then the field "Stage" on opportunity object should update on the user selection in event object so whatever option in picklict on stage field in event, it should update the stage field in opportunity object.

For example: if user select stage = Negotiation in event object then opportunity object “stage" will update with Negotiation.

i try to create workflow but it wont help.
Please help me