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the goal:

Collect website visitors contact information (first name, email)  and store it in force.com custom object (consumers).


There are multiple different websites and the visitors contact information would have to be associated with the website they were visiting and submitting the form from.


Is there a declaritive way to do this on Force.com or is this only accomplished through code?









I am seeking a developer that has experience integrating Force.com application with Amazon AWS, specifially, Simple Email Service and SImple Notification Service, possible some S3 stuff too.






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All the best,
Kristina Smith

(650) 425-7474

I am available and taking projects doing Salesforce configuration - building a data model, workflows, formulas, Visual Flow and  another declarative functionality. I mainly do apex and visualforce customizations though. I have a high level of knowledge of all parts of Salesforce and I am 201, 301 and 401 certified. 


If you are in need of customizations to your Salesforce org, I can help and at a much better rate than what many of the consulting companies are asking. If your interested in working with me, just send me an email at kcplusplus@me.com. I can answer any questions and have code samples available on request.