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Hey all,


I have a simple (what I think is simple) custom link that I'd like to do the following...


1) Save the current record (from a custom object - GP Proposal)

2) Add values to a custom field

3) Return to the saved record


Here's what I've got...




Good thing is it's returning to the record.  Bad thing is it's not saving the current edits(when using inline editing) and it's not passing the values to the custom field (and it's not saving that new value).


I can get by without saving the current record (and I tried the link from the detail page (not the edit page) but it still did not work).


Any help would be GREATLY appriciated.  I know it's something simple I'm overlooking.


Thanks in advance

I'm trying to add a custom 'Create New' button to a related list that once clicked creates a new record for the associated custom object.    The catch is the newly created record must be of a specific record type based upon the record type of the current object/record.


So, if the Opportunity RecordType = "Time Travel Engine" the "Create New" button on the associated custom object's related list (Proposals) should create a new Proposal record of record type "Time Travel Engine" as well.


Does anyone have thought around the best way to accomplish this? 


I had started a simple s-control that passed the parameters of the current record to the new record, the problem came when I found we had a many to one scenario.  There were many Opportunity record types that needed to be associated with one specific Proposal record type, then there were another group of Opportunity record types that needed to be associated with another Proposal record type.


Any help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated!



i have a flow on account detail page.. it will be intiated via button click from the detailed page....in that flow i have some picklist values defaulted to values called "Yes". I selected "No" from the drop down and updating the record in the flow and completed the process.  Later I opened the flow from the detail page still it is showing the default value but not the value from the current record.. help me out in this?