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Hello all,


We have a requirement to make our visualforce page work both for old console and new service cloud console in salesforce.But some functions is not working in our page.We have overriddent view with our visualforce page.So hyperlinks,and the frames in which the related lists will load is not loading in old console..In our new console we have this new problem that if i add an attachment to the case or delete an attachment from the case,the case detail page suddenly gets disappeared.But the attachment is added.(We have done page redirections by overriding view page)


Googled a lot for this stuff.Only found few posts related to this.Please help..


i found only this line in salesforce doc


Visualforce page might not display correctly in a Service Cloud console unless they're updated to show in it.


What should we do to update a visualforce page to display correctly in service cloud console


Your help is much appreciated