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Hi all,


I have a problem and I haven't found too many topics on this subject.

On a custom visualforce page I had to implement CTI Click to dial links for some phone fields. To make it work, because I discover that the CTI adapter won't recognize those fields as phone numbers on custom vf pages (and I use the Contact standard Phone field), I had to add a link on the phone number something like this:

<a href="javascript&colon;sendCTIMessage(%27/CLICK_TO_DIAL?DN=%27%2BencodeURIComponent(%27(801)%20440-5157%27)%2B%27&ID=003M0000003ytsbIAA&ENTITY_NAME=Contact%27);">(801) 440-5157</a>


And this works like a charm in that  visualforce page but, the client wants to use it in the Console. And when I open the same page there and I click the link the CTI adapter has no reaction at all... nothing happens.

Any idea on this one?



  • February 07, 2012
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