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What are the advantages of having a full copy sandbox? Is it good to do the full data load in full copy sandbox first and then do it in production??

how to create sandbox in salesforce

I need to make an exact copy of a production org in a test org (sandbox is not an option).  I want to copy the custom fields, layouts, and all of the data with its various relationships (contacts to accounts, tasks, opportunities).

Is there a quick and easy way to do so?

My knowledge of Salesforce and Salesforce Admin is basic.

Steve Harding


We're currently have a Salesforce Enterprise license and I'm wondering as if is there a way we can bring all of our existing data from our Production environment to our Sandbox environment so that we can do some performance tests.  Any idea is welcome.




the full sandbox can be refreshed only once in 30 days? once i make some changes and i want to revert it back to the copy of the live environment i have to wait for 30 days???
Is there any limitiation to the number of times you cna refresh your APEX sanbox? Could not find this in the documentation.