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I need to create very complex Salesforce report. The standard report builder doesn't support that way of complexity. But it should be the SalesForce report by requirements.
I need to be able to use custom SQL requests and some APEX code.


Could you please share with me, how do developers create complex Salesforce reports? 

I am trying to do a nested SOQL statement. I want to have a query that I order by descending to find the biggest number and then use that number to only find the records with that number. So one part of the nested query will find the largest number and then I will use that number to show only the records that have number.



I can find the value with this query



Select Height__c 

from Person__c

Order By Height__c desc limit 1 


Just wondering if i can get this value to compare the rest of the records and display the results thanks. 



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