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Astrea IT Services, India is an emerging Salesforce Consulting Partner, with a team of Certified Developers / Admins / Architects. We offer high-end Salesforce Consulting Services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). 

Corporate Social Responsibility:  Astrea IT Services always looking for opportunities to help the Non-profits, either by giving them low price solutions or, by providing them free solutions. We have many Non-profit organisations working with us and being benefitted by our Technology Consulting Services.

Astrea’s Products:

Astrea has 3 products listed in Appexchange

  • Astrea Clone                                      : Clones any information/data on any object
  • Astrea Smart vCard                         : Import export of VCF and PDF files
  • Astrea Object Hierarchy                                : 360 Degree view of any Account


ForcePrepare.com: Astrea IT also manages a Salesforce Certification website for training.

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Astrea IT Services

Contact us:  info at astreait dot com




We are a small Missouri based non-profit and we desperately need an independent consultant to help us finish customizing SF Enterprise to our needs.  We need help with email integration, mobile access, data clean, and other such problems.  We have already spent thousands of dollars on a firm and don't need that level of support, nor could we afford it.  But we are willing to pay a reasonable rate for a good communicator that can help us efficiently and expeditiously.  Thank you!

I want to build an Apex trigger to do something very simple.

We are using Eloqua for marketing automation and we have it integrated with SF. I want to be able to build a view where within minutes of someone performing some activity - opening an e-mail, visiting our web site, clicking through a link, visiting a landing page, and/or submitting a form - we know it has happened almost immediately when we view the lead or contact in SF.

These activities are captured in Eloqua and passed to SF as a new activity. Right now, we can only get acess to, and sort on, last activity date. There is no way to sort based on last activity date AND time. SF will not give us access to last activity time, even though it is captured and recorded by SF AND YOU CAN SEE IT IN LEADS AND CONTRACTS!!!

After weeks and weeks of back and forth with SF support, they tell us we need to build a trigger that will update a custom field when Eloqua sends an activity to SF ... 2 triggers probably, since we need to build one for a lead and one for a contact.

In other words, every time an activity is sent to a lead or contact in SF from Eloqua, we update a custom field with the date and time of that activity being created in SF.

A custom formula field will not work.

We don't have much experience (actually none at all) building Apex triggers, and this is likely the only one we'll need for a long while. Does anyone have any sample code for doing something like this? While inexperienced in Apex, we're good at taking plaguarized code and morphing it to our needs! Ha!

Would also like to connect with Apex developers who might be able to do this for us cost effectively.



-- Mark