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   I have this field (xyz)of type input text area on my visualforce page as <apex:inputField  value ="{!Opportunity.xyz__c}"/>. If i give characters more than the default limit of  text area type, Then it gives an error message , which should happen. But instead of one I am getting two error messages below that field. Can anyone please suggest me a way to rectify this issue?

(Newbie alert...)

I want to define a new custom object called "Bug". Conceptually, there would be a one-to-many relationship between Bug and Cases, as a single Bug could be at the root of many different Accounts reporting the same problem.

Presumably, I would need to add a custom field of BugId to the Case object. However, I obviously want to enforce referential Integrity. Does Salesforce or sforece provide a method of enforcing referential integrity automatically? 

My experience with manually enforcing referntial integrity via apllicative code has been dismal...

Any ideas?



  • February 26, 2004
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