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  I am in need of access Standrad object  value ( from user object need to  get  small photo url)   using standard object query (user object created )


  From the below query


    select id, Name ,OwnerID ,CreatedByID, Project__r.Project_Color__c  from Project_Task__c where List__c = 'Holding' AND Project__c = :projectRetainId


I need to get Image  by using CreatedByID from user object . how to write query ,


I tried this way 


    select id, Name ,OwnerID ,CreatedByID, Project__r.Project_Color__c ,( select SmallPhotoUrl from User) from Project_Task__c where List__c = 'Holding' AND Project__c = :projectRetainId



(I also logged in the Packaging Board)


"Flows cannot be included in package patches" - ISV Manual


Since we cannot add or remove items from packages, doesn't this mean that if you have a Flow in a managed package you can NEVER create a patch for that application? That's the takeaway I'm finding so far which is very unfortunate.

I'm having issues with the developer console messing up. Totally unusable at the moment.


Perspective seems to mess up, and the perspective menu does not appear so I can't change them. I can't view any debug logs without having to go through the setup menu.


Been like this since yesterday. I'm on NA7.

We are trying to create a hybrid app using visualforce pages, @remoteaction and sencha touch 2.0. I'm having issues with understanding the proxy method on Sencha Touch in relationship to the @remoteaction and loading data.  Is there a good tutorial?


Our goal is to use Sencha Designer 2 to create UI and copy code to a visualforce page. Then hooking up the remote action. I saw this at Cloudforce in SF in March 2012 but cannot find any documentation. The session was "Partner Session: Build a HTML5 App from scratch with the Sencha Framework"


Can anyone help?