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Our application uses embedded Visualforce pages within standard object pages (contact, lead, account, opportunity).


Since the Summer '13 upgrade, a couple users (in separate orgs) are reporting that the embedded page will fail to load with this error message:


The page you submitted was invalid for your session.  Please click Save again to confirm your change.



Note that "Save" has not been clicked, nor any changes made.  This is on the initial load of the parent page.


The only fix we've discovered so far is to manually delete all salesforce.com and visual.force.com cookies.


This is not a bug in our code; these people are running the exact same version they have been running for years.  The only new thing in the mix is Summer '13.


Salesforce support - I have created case 09431887 to track this issue.

  • July 02, 2013
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I'm trying to write an apex test class


In eclipse Schema page I type the following SOQL request:


SELECT c.id FROM case c WHERE c.subject = 'Test Case' LIMIT 1

It works but when I'm trying to test this code:

private class testCaseTrigger {
    static testMethod void testCase() {
        Case cs = [SELECT c.id FROM case c WHERE c.subject = 'Test Case' LIMIT 1];
        cs.CR_Delivery_Version__c = '7.2';
        update cs;
        Case newCase = [SELECT crtargetrelease__c FROM case WHERE id =: cs.id];
        system.assertEquals('MEGA 2009', newCase.CRTargetRelease__c);    

 I get the following error : 'List has no rows for assignement to SObject'


I also tried the following: 'Select id FROM case', and I get also an empty list.

What is the problem?







I try to create a custom setting.

The creation works, the creation of an custom field in it too.

But if i try to set a Default Organization Level Value, then I get the error message: "Data Storage Limits Exceeded, Additional Data Creation Not Allowed! ".


If I look on the startscreen of the custom settings it says:

"Percentage of custom settings data used: 0%
You are currently using 0 MB of custom settings data in your organization, out of an allowed limit of 2 MB."


I work in a developer org.


What is wrong ?


Thanks for help.