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I had completed most of the Trailhead lessons using a login from my old company's Salesforce instance. I had this tied to a developer instance with a personal email (to complete the challenges). I logged in with my old company's credentials and changed the email address to my personal email, but this does not seem to change the username. Is there anyway to change the username for that account, or somehow migrate the Trailhead points and badges to my personal username? Or if I want to keep that history, will I have to redo all of the challenges?

How do I allow users using standard profiles to view a custom object?


Some of the users in my organisation are not able to see all the custom objects that I have created.

Trying to fix this, I've been around and checked every checkbox I could find that looked even vaguely applicable to no avail. Apart from the ones under Setting->Manager Users->Profiles because apparently the standard profiles cannot be edited.


Which is where I start to get confused. Because according to the documentation "users with standard profiles can't access new custom objects—you must assign them custom profiles and edit the profiles" ... but about half of my custom objects are accessible with the standard profiles.


So obviously there must be way to allow standard profiles access to custom objects because I've apparently already done it several times but as I'm making this up as I go along learning this as I go along I didn't realise it was impossible at the time and now can't remember how to do it again.


Can anyone enlighten me?

  • April 22, 2010
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