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Hi All,


Hope my message find you in good health and high spirits.


I have a requirement wherin our sales staff need to give us a commitment of contracts he will get signed on the first day of month and then I need to compare the number he committed and actual contracts he got signed.


I would like to know how to achieve this functionality, can I use the Forecasting or do I need to create a custom object. I also dont want the Sales rep to be able to edit the value he has submitted on the first Date, only I as an Admin is allowed to do so.


Any help would be highly appreciated.



  • May 13, 2013
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Hi Guys,



I am new to Salesforce and have an urgent requirement , Please check if it has any solution.


My scenario is that when I convert Lead it goes to Account Tab but  I want the Salesforce to Navigate directly to created Opportunity Tab when Lead gets converted.


Any help is highly appreciated. If its not possible then can there be any workaround for this.



Best Regards,


  • April 26, 2013
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I have enabled revenue schedule for my Org. I have added a product to opportunity and established schedule for eg: 600$ divided into 12 Monthly Installments.However when I use this in report , I get a hyphen/dash symbol in my report which I am not able to understand. I have tried differen settings but that dash does not go.

  • April 04, 2013
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I've just started to learn code on my own based on stuff I can find on the internet but was thinking of buying a book for a bit more structure and an advanced insight. Can anyone recommend any good ones? Price isn't a major problem as my work will cover the cost. 

I am a newbie in this technology, I want to became a Salesforce/force.com Developer, and for that I am started to learning from official Salesforce documentations, But I am just confused where I have to start there are so many things are there and I couldn't find out which thing I have to learn first and then step by step I get proficiency in all modules of Saleforce/force.com. There are various things which I had seen like Objects, classes, Apex, visualforce, SOSL, SOQL, triggers, and many other things, But i am just confused to start from where when I am start to learn anything then I got confused when some other thing will comes in that, like apex comes in the Visualforce, So then I started to learn Apex first then I got anything else, So I am just running here and there to pickup the topics, Please help me that how can I start and then follows all the topics in a step by step manner so I learn everything and no topic will be left.

Please help with me... I am really confused.

Thanks! Elias

Hey Guys,


Is it possible to read text from scanned document in salesforce??






i am a new bee, want to learn SalesForce in depth, is there any good instructor or institue where i can learn ?



I am new inot SalesForce & want to leart in depth, is there any good instructor or insitute who can help me ?


I have a picklist consisting different picklist Values.(A,B,C)

There consists of a default edit page ,and also when a person selects a picklist value as A, few more section gets visible,when a person selects B,few more section gets visible and so on.

My requirement is :

Suppose i am selecting picklist A ,then while saving it should save the record along with the Section which gets enabled when the picklist value A is selected.

For the record saved under A,it shouldnt consists of fields which belongs to B & C.

Thanks in Advance for assistance on the above topic.


  • April 26, 2013
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I am New to salesforce.com.

Can anybody help me with the editions used in real time?


Hi All,


I am planning to Take ADM 201, Recently i completed DEV 401.

Please suggest me how can i crack 201 exam.


Thanks and Regards,

Ganesh Babu.

Hello All,


I'm in the process of trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can about development on the Force.com platform.  I've found a number of resources to look at on the Force.com site, including the incredibly intimidating 2400+ page "How to be Successful with Salesforce" eBook.  There is a huge amount of documentation, and I've found it difficult to tell where to start really, since there are so many eBooks they have available for download, each of which is anywhere from 200 to 600 pages in length


If cost were no object, I'd be signing up for the developer courses offered by Salesforce.com:

  1. Dev 401 ($4,000)
  2. Dev 501 ($4,000)
  3. Dev 502 ($2,400)
  4. Dev 531 ($4,000)


That is so far beyond my training budget as an independent developer that it's just not even an option.  I got all excited when I saw that perhaps the 401 & 501 classes could be downloaded (for free, no less) as a podcast from the iTunes Music store... but it became quickly apparent that significant chunks of the hands-on coding part of the class are not there, making things difficult to really follow along with from a very early point in the series.  They're still a great source of information, but they seem more like a preview/teaser to the class than a suitable substitute.  I would gladly pay for some sort of online version of the course that was (a lot) less expensive than the in-person class, but no such thing seems to exist.  I would sign up for 3rd party training if it seemed to be of sufficient quality, and again, was affordable... but so far, I've not found anything useful.


Can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of some resources I can use to gain the equivalent experience one might get from the courses Salesforce.com provides, without the accompanying bankruptcy forms I'd probably have to fill out if I took those courses?


Thanks in advance for any tips, hints or pointers!