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I want to call  methods in controller depending on whether checkbox is checked and how many checkboxes are checked. .I have 2 checkboxes.

Initially by default both checkboxes must be checked.

and callMethod1() when both  checkboxes are checked

2)callMethod2() when first checkbox is checked and second is unchecked

3)callMethod3() when second checkbox is checked first is unchecked.


A brief idea on what i'm actually doing here

I have a PageBlocktable with two columns

The column headers are NAME and ADDRESS each with a checkbox

If both NAME and ADDRESS checkboxes are selected,the Name and address will be displayed.

If only the NAME checkbox is checked then only names are displyed and ADDRESS column is empty

If only the ADDRESS checkbox is checked then only address are displayed and NAME column is empty





Can field level security be used to make a field required?

Hello ,


Please could you point me to some free webservice in which the xsd used is external ?


So I want a webservice which is using import statement to include xsd.

I want to consume such  a webservice on salesforce 


Appriciate your help.




  • February 18, 2013
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I've added Roles to my org recently.  And I've updated several users to have different roles.  When I do an Opportunity Report - I can select "Opportunity Owner", and "Owner Role", but they are always blank.  Even on profiles, that I am sure have a role.  


I updated specific opportunities, thinking that might make a difference, but no.  I created a new report, thinking it might be the report type (there are no custom report types), still no difference.  About the only thing I have tried is to create a new Opportunity - I might try that next. 


But, is there something about roles that I'm not quite understanding?





Hi - I'm new to SalesForce development and I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to auto populate the Standard Required field ‘Quote Name’ with Account Name + Region + Today() from the Opportunity object.  So basically, when I click new it goes to the standard page and the field is populated with Is this new concatenated name, is this even possible? I looked all over the forums but did not find an answer. Thanks for your help.

  • January 31, 2013
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I believe deleting campaign member will call the trigger on campaign because of roll up for "NumberOfContacts" but i want to avoid my custom trigger ? what is the workaround for this?

I am trying to create a validation rule that will do the following when saving an Opportunity:


IF Stage is saved to Closed


THEN Check 8 different pick-list fields. If ANY of those 8 pick-list fields are blank then do not allow user to save Opportunity as Closed


What is the syntax for this validation rule?


Thank you for your help!