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We would like to have confirmation on the following issue;


the REST API doesn't take into account the locale of the user. In our case our locale is set to Dutch. Which uses comma's instead of points in number notations. For example:


US: 1232.12

NL: 1232,12


In our case, we use the REST API for our mobile application. And according to our developers, the REST API doesn't accept the comma's in numbers. 


Is this correct? 

Does the REST API not take into account the locale of a user? 

Hi there

Salesforce does not allow you to create PDF attachments in batch job.

This is work around to that.

It works!

But As of Summer 15, Salesforce have implemented a critical update "PageReference getContent() and getContentAsPDF() Methods Treated as Callouts". Once enabled, you may get the rather uninformative error "(304497466)|FATAL_ERROR|System.CalloutException: Callout loop not allowed".

And so I have the problem described in this blog: http://codrspace.com/gwickman/callout-loop-not-allowed-error-when-using-getcontent-and-getcontentaspdf/

Can someone please help me get around this error or help with another way to create PDF attachments for emails in a batch job?

Thank you very much