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I want to put a help text icon next to apex:sectioheader same as field level help.

i have explored the attributes description,help for apex:sectionheader.


but i want a icon same as field level help text .

and when user hovers there it should display some helptext


plz help



I need to work on a requirement for which i need to display help text kind of work around for each and every lov of a picklist.

So when a user clicks on a picklist and hover on the lovs , the corresponding lov description should get displayed as floating window.


Did any gone through this kind of implementation ? PLease share your thoughts.


I am planning on using custom setting for lov descriptions, as there are 4-5 picklists with dependencies between them , total lovs count greater than 50.



  • August 03, 2012
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Hi i have to place the help text  of more than 255 characters length for a input field . i'm not able to do with the standard functionality . can somebody help me out how to place that help text? it is urgent


I need an urgent help.

I want to customize salesforce home page of my org.

I want to show 

1).A Banner

2).Chatter Feed

3).Facebook Feed( with aparticular Facebook Page )

4).Custom Link


Please help me ....

how i add facebook feed in Home page



Thanks in advanced


  • July 17, 2012
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I have a need to display a document for users that give them full detail on how/why to populate a given field.  The help text does not provide enough detail.

Ideally I would like to create a Static Resource that is a PDF that has a hyperlink in the Help Text so the user can view the detail if needed as they are creating/editing a new record.


I have a solution where I put reference the Static Resource in the Quick Links, I can then direct them to the Quick Link in the Help Text, but would rather it somehow be embedded in the create/edit page directly since the Quick Links show up all the time to all users.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





I have am building an application using visualforce pages to create complex forms for medical interviews.

I have hundreds fields and 20 forms, so I am very concerned about future maintainability of the forms and keeping the labels and help text on the forms in sync with the salesforce fields/reports and page layouts.


So  I would like to display the label and custom help field data on the form for each field for example:


Field Label: Customer Primary Concern

Help Text: Write down the customers primary concern in his of her own words


I would like to display the following on the VisualForce page:


 Customer Primary Concern (Write down the customers primary concern in his of her own words)

     this is a text area

I want the help text to persist on the page and want to be able to format it with css, rather then be a hover button 


So ideally the code for this would look like this

<apex:outputtext value={"contact.Customer_Primary_Concern__c.Label"}>

(<apex:outputtext value={"contact.Customer_Primary_Concern__c.HelpText"}>)<br/>

<apex:inputTextarea value="{!contact.Customer_Primary_Concern__c}"/>

 How do I refer to the Label and Help text fields on a visualforce page.



Thank you so much for your help.








  • April 13, 2012
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i have a question 


Can i add help text for standard fields on a custom object. I could not do that when i edit a field . And i observed that we can add help text for stndard fields on a standard object.


Is there any way we can do it.


Thank You,


  • April 10, 2012
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I always search first but I tried searching on "Help Page" but got lots of hits like "Need help with XYZ". 


I want to put something on the screen that makes help info pop up.  Not unlike the standard SF functionality where you put help info on a field and then there's a question mark next to the field.  When you hover over the question mark, you see the help bubble.  I want that for the whole page.  In other words, put a question mark or something else on the screen and when the user hovers it or clicks it, you get a pop-up page with a few paragraphs of info on how to user the page.


Is there any feature built in to VF to do that?



Hi Team, I want to display the help text in visualforce page but i tried the below code but i am getting so error message.
Please let me know why I am getting so many error message and please let me know the solution to display help text in visualforce page. Thanks in advance.
  • August 01, 2011
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I need some help on how to fix this Visualforce Error Message. I want to display the Open Activities and Activity History related list for a Custom Object. In its standard page, by default, this two related list is displayed but when I try to override the view page with a custom visualforce page only the custom child object related list shows.


Here's my code:


<apex:page StandardController="Object__c" extensions="ObjectExtension" showHeader="true" sidebar="true" >


    <apex:detail />    

    <apex:relatedList list="Object_Child__r"/>

    <apex:relatedList list="OpenActivities" />
    <apex:relatedList list="ActivityHistories"/>



Is it something about salesforce restrictions? Like, Open Activities and Activity History were standard objects and cannot be a child of a custom object? Is there anyway I can do this right? I really need help T.T




Best Regards,


  • June 30, 2011
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Hi All,


 Is there a way to replace the help link associated with related list of a standard object. For instance we need to change the "Activity History" related list's HELP link on our Contact page layout in our ORG, to open a custom PDF file. Please advise.



- Adhi


  • May 16, 2011
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Is there a way to add customized 'help' documents or text in the 'help and training' link on both standard and visualforce pages?

We are looking for ways to create the help pages for our application which can support diffenrent languages with double byte charaters as well.


We want to know what is the best way so we can display the help pages in different languages.


Please let me know with any possible examples.