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We have a requirement that when a field on Case UI is filled in, a webservice gets called which provides result and we have to update another field on case UI with the result.
Since we are using Case feed Layout, embedding custom vf might not be an option.
We are trying to use a trigger with @future annotation, but that makes an asynchronous call and though the Case object fields get updated, the case ui is not showing the updated values until the page is refreshed.

Is there any other approach which we could do so that the user doesnt have to refresh the page and sees the results immediately?


Can anyone tell me :

Am I missing something or it's not possible to create a lookup relationship to Articles ?

Thats something i definitely need.

So, at this point, should I create something like a String field on my Custom Object that will store the article id and make another SOQL query to fetch it every time additionally ?


Kind regards

  • September 20, 2011
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I'm trying to create a custom case button that will change the case owner. We have professional edition so code that utilizes API can't be used. I've found some solutions online but they all require API. 


Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a million!!