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Hi, I need to give auto numbers for the paragraphs i'm retrieving from a template (they are all static texts) and each of those paragraphs have a checkbox to check which paragraph to be included in the pdf generation. Those paragraphs are under headings, sub headings and sub sub headings so they all should be numbered accordingly (Ex: 1, 1.1, 1.1.1 ). 


in my visualforce page there are <div> tags to each of the headings, sub headings and sub sub headings which are displayed in the pdf generation when certain checkboxes for certain sections are checked (I use render="{ObjectName__c.CheckboxForHeader1__c}").


My problem is i cant use css autonumber headings because the headings will be autonumbered if the check boxes are checked or not. And I cant use JavaScript because I render the page as a pdf. Is there any way of doing this ? 


Thanks alot,


I am building a workflow that will send out an email everytime an Account is created.  I would like the email template to include a link to the newly created account record although I do not see if this is possible.  Has anybody done anything like this?