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We have a Lead Swarm Rule with the criteria of "Only Leads owned by my direct reports" and the CEO set to follow the records. I am in the next role below the CEO and our sales rep is in another role directly below the CEO.


The CEO and I are both system administrators and the sales rep has a custom marketing user profile with read access to all swarm objects. We are using Enterprise edition.


When I create a new lead, I am the only one following it. I can edit and save any lead and the CEO does not swarm the record. The same happens when the sales rep creates or edits a lead. The CEO is not swarming any leads.


We have a Case rule for all cases and the CEO is swarming those just fine. The CEO is only following 271 records in Salesforce so he is not hitting the 500 limit.


Am I missing something on the lead swarm rule?


Thanks for your help,